Highly Scalable, Pay-Per-Use Nix Builds is a service that runs your Nix builds. It handles any number of concurrent builds you throw at it. You pay for the time your builds consume, nothing more. takes away the effort of maintaining and scaling Nix build clusters, and integrates easily with any setup that uses Nix.

Super Simple Setup works just like an ordinary remote Nix builder, and you set it up in exactly the same way.

You can setup on all of your team's development machines as well as on your CI servers. All builds are automatically shared among all your configured clients, so you never have to run the same build twice.

Securely Sandboxed

Each build that runs is executed inside a minimal KVM-based sandbox specially developed for Nix builds.

Inside the sandbox there are no network devices available, and only the inputs specifically needed by the build is accessible, read-only. No Nix store paths are shared between customer accounts.


The service is currently private beta.

If you're interested in evaluating the service or have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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